The “WILD SABBATICAL” is a 1-12 month support program for individuals who are ready for a sabbatical, a retreat from the busy health care culture, and an advance into the deeper longings for life, and the excavation and cultivation of one’s deepest gifts. If you have been longing for the time, space, place and guidance to dive deep into the wilderness of your soul, your deep medicine, the he true psycho-spiritual purpose of your life, this program is crafted for you.

Actually, their is no similar program on the planet!

Slow down, unplug, then reconnect with nature, your purpose, and your gifts.

Perhaps, begin to wonder what it is you truly desire, what it is that truly longs to come forth from and through you.

Wander in a meadow, canyon, estuary, and discover your deep imagination.

Speak your deepest truth in a council of other pilgrims.

Cry for and receive a vision of your place in the world.

Reclaim lost gifts and desires, begin to embody these gifts, then return, or not, as a transforming individual with gifts to transform your culture.



1) Preparation for Leaving What No Longer Serves You in Order to Encounter What Deeply Moves You

•Feel deeply into the longing

•Contact us

•Pay attention to your dreams

•Determine what amount of time is necessary and feasible given the depth of your longing, meaningful responsibilities, and finances

•Logistic preparations for travel, health, transport, education, and lodging

•Book a date with your destiny


2) Severance:  Leave Your Culture and Your First Way of Belonging

•Relocate to the Ojai Valley for an extended period of time – 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

•Live in a room or home with an ocean, mountain, or meadow view from one of our partners

•Slow down and simplify

•Accommodate to Ojai

•Take a sunrise beach or mountainside walk

•Get 8 or more hours of sleep

•Disconnect from television, the web, “on-call” and on-line shopping

•Learn to surf or stand-up paddle

•Practice yoga or pilates

•Begin or deepen into a mindfulness practice

•Learn the skills of  Wholing and Self-healing

•Feel comfortable in the natural world and learn more about your new bio-region – the chaparral of Coastal California


3) Descent:

• Phase One: Diving into the Depths Through Soulcraft Practices:

•Authentic Communication Through Council, Sacred Silence Deep Imagery, Journalling the Wild Soul, Nature Skills, Talking Across the Species Boundaries, The Art of Getting Lost, Dream Deepening and Embodiment, Ceremony, Art, and Ritual, Drumming, Rhythm, and Dance, Befriending the Dark, Engagement with Shadow, The Vision Fast

• Phase Two: Numinous Encounters and the Gifts of Soul


4) Preparing to Return:

•Gathering the gifts, Beginning of Embodiment,

•Living the Questions, Nature as Mirror, Living with the Mysteries Embodiment, Living as if Your Place in the World Matters


5)   Reincorporation:

• Crossing the first thresholds

• Living from the Depths

•You are supported in your return with ongoing mentoring sessions as you return to your deeper place in the world


*Specific packages can be designed with your deepest longing in mind.