I wasn’t really struggling with burn-out and meaninglessness. I was longing to find something mystical in medicine. I kept hearing that medicine was the sacred art but there was nothing really sacred about it until I quested with Brian. Now I know my own gifts, my deep powers, my calling into deep service to those whom I serve as a physician.

Laura, 34, Physician, California

Brian brings to his artistry and medicine a breadth of knowledge, insight and wisdom that enables him to see, understand and guide others into and through the multifaceted terrain and dimensions of nature and the human soul.  In following his lead over land and psyche, I have not always been a happy camper–the journey’s not been easy; the road not always smooth, and the weather often severe–but I have experienced increasing healing, health, and wholeness because of his competence and expertise as a guide and mentor.

Daniel, 58, Nurse, Illinois

I was struggling with what has happened to medicine and happened to me in medicine as it has changed since I started practicing. Wilderness Is Medicine’s signature program, helped me grieve what has happened and to move joyfully into my retirement early and return to some of my avocations that I thought could never be my vocation.

Gerald, 63, Physician, Boston

I chose medicine because I come from a long lineage of physicians. But medical school and training were brutal. I felt like I lost the best parts of myself in order to be a doctor. Through guidance on a program and ongoing mentoring, I was able to authentically state that I never wanted to be a physician, nor will I continue to do so. Finding my authentic voice, in spite of the repercussions, both financial and familial, is wonderfully painful. I am now headed to a profession where I feel much more myself.

Doug, 33, Physician, New Orleans

Brian has been an intrepid ally on my travels through the depths of soul. His clear vision and fierce compassion have helped me to glimpse what lies hidden within myself.

Sheila, 53, Psychologist, Montana

In my mind, Dr. Stafford is the shaman of modern medicine. He helped me reconnect with my calling and I don’t mean in a superficial way, but in an enchanted way that continues to bring deep vitality to my practice of medicine. I needed a lot of guidance to make it through the journey of mid-life and burn-out. I never knew the power of nature before this retreat. The program is outstanding and transformational.

Barry, 49, Physician, Massachusetts

I was referred to Wilderness Is Medicine by my State’s Physician Health Plan because I was rather miserable and making others around me unhappy, frustrated and worried. And something magical – yes, magical, happened – during the 5-day program that I attended. It was a combination of the land, the practices, and the skillful guiding by Brian and Sheila. I needed to experience some deep grief before I could feel the beauty of my life, in spite of its messiness. I experienced a deep connection to the earth, a deep healing of my own wounds, and, surprisingly, joy!

Scott, 45, Physician

“Brian’s dedication and experience as a guide and mentor is a beautiful gift for those exploring the mysterious of Soul.  His kind guidance and nurturing nature offer a unique way to journey inwards, offering healing and wholeness, and a means to find our unique place in the world.”

Liz, 56, Nurse Practitioner, Victoria, BC, Canada

My psychiatrist referred me to Wilderness Is Medicine because he said, “There is really nothing wrong with you. You just to keep moving deeper into your life.” I am grateful for that advice and grateful for the retreat I attended. I had no idea that there is so much enchantment in the world, so much healing in nature, and so much mystery to be encountered. Looking forward to the next program and I am pretty sure it will be a Medicine Quest. Thanks!

Beth, 38, Physician, Florida