Talks from Brian Stafford:

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Wilderness is Medicine

From Burn-Out to a Physician on Fire

The Role of Vitamin ’N’ in the Practice of Medicine

Anticipatory Guidance and the Life-Course of the Physician

Understanding the Archetypes Behind a Physician’s Disruptive Behavior

From Fragmented Doc to Visionary Healer

The Practice of Self-Healing from One’s Wholeness

Why More CME and Recertification Doesn’t Make Better Physicians, But Wholeness Does

In’doctor’ination: The Killing of the Emotions and the Imagination in Medical Training

The Wilderness of Myth

The Wilderness of Poetry

The Wilderness of Soul

The Wilderness of Grief

The Psyche as Wilderness

Eco-Depth Psychology as a Beyond Best Practice

Physician Heal Thyself: Lessons from Nature, Poetry. and Mythology