Preparation for the Journey Program

In our age, individuals are encouraged to find a job or a profession, perhaps one that helps others, is intellectually stimulating, has job security, and is financially rewarding. We are usually encouraged to get this position as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our culture’s educational and religious institutions and many of our family members and “guidance counselors” are unaware that it is best to know who we deeply are before embarking on a career that may not serve us, may not serve our community, may lead us into significant financial debt, and may not serve the broader earth community.

To know who we are and to discover our gifts, our passion, our “Medicine” and our people requires a bit of a wander.  This may mean a wander that crosses national borders. In the best circumstances it also means crossing into “wilderness consciousness” to find out our deeper longings, our deepest medicine, and our deepest place in the world.

If you are contemplating a career in the health professions or are currently in school or clinical or research training, consider this program.

The Preparation for the Journey allows those who are thinking of a career in medicine to discover more of their wholeness and their unique psycho-spiritual medicine before committing to an educational and training path.

Participants will learn to encounter and develop their wholeness and then heal themselves from their wholeness. They will also begin to dive into their “wilderness consciousness” and discover the “medicine” that was given to them by Mystery and discern whether this medicine and the career they ponder are compatible.

In an age when many healthcare professionals are burning out, isn’t it best to be prepared and certain of one’s calling into the healing arts?

*Available for individuals, groups, as well as training groups (pre-internship class or pre-medical school class).