Mentoring, Coaching & Consultation

Individual Mentoring:  

Dr. Stafford offers personal coaching and mentoring for health-care providers who are interested in moving deeper into their own wholeness, their deeper medicine, and embodying the inner wilderness of their psyche into the world.

Dr. Stafford can work in-person or by phone, Zoom, or SKYPE.

Clinical Consultation:

He also offers consultation on how clinicians and other professional human development guides can employ the Nature-Based Map of the Healer’s Psyche in clinical work.

Organizational Consultation:

He also trains organizations – hospitals, physician health plans, clinics, human resource groups, etc, on how to prevent physician fragmentation, burnout, addiction, boundary transgressions, etc using the wisdom of the Nature-Based Map of the Healer’s Psyche.


Contact Dr. Stafford directly: Contact