Heart Council/Heart Mirror



The Practice of Heart Council empowers us to return to our hearts  and listen more deeply to our patients, our staff, our children, our planet, and our own hearts.

A Heart Council creates a field where openness, respect, vulnerability, and authenticity can arise, both with and for ourselves and  the rest of our group.

The Practice of Heart Mirroring: The discovery of “mirror neurons,” a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another, neurologically confirms what parents, mentors, therapists, and initiators have long known. The mirror neuron systems in the human brain help us understand the actions and intentions of other people.

The art of medicine begins with being present to another’s story. Deep listening is an art in and of itself, as is asking the right questions. Mirroring is an Aesclepian art, a medical bag of skills employed in receiving, tracking, embracing, and honoring each others’ stories. In heart mirroring, we don’t project, diagnose, or interpret but rather reflect back the core elements of what was shared. We celebrate the courage, magic, and gifts of the one who shares their tale.

The Practices of Heart Council and Heart Mirroring are invaluable practices in creating cultivating a whole healer, one who can listen to all of her own voices, as well as hear deeply what others long to speak. This immersion is both an experiential in deepening into one’s wholeness and wilderness and a first step in learning how to listen more deeply to others and to bring these gifts back to one’s office, colleagues, staff, and home.

Fellow sojourners will witness and mirror us on this journey to wholeness and our own inner wilderness where we may find our medicine.

They’ll help us understand what we are really trying to do in this life, what we really are avoiding that is essential, and what just happened in our conversation with nature.