For Physician Health Plans

We do take referrals from many State Physician Health Plans.

However, we are not an evaluation and treatment facility. We offer programs for physicians and other health care providers who wish to move a bit outside the mainstream world and into a deeper connection with their own wholeness and depth. Therefore, we do not provide “evaluation or reports” of any sort to Physician Health Plans, Medical Boards, or Human Resources at medical institutions.

We offer a different approach to medical provider wholeness, Self-healing, and depth based on the maps, models, and methods developed by Bill Plotkin, Ph.D. and his colleagues at the Animas Valley Institute and adapted specifically for health care providers.

In our model, lack of wholeness and/or operating from a subpersonality – escapist/addict, disruptive, burn-out, boundary violations – is a sign to cultivate their own wholeness of one’s own psyche and, then, to move into their deepest capacity as healers, from their own wholeness, depth, and being.

Current psychiatric nosology limits what it sees and what is possible, and what needs to be cultivated. Current psychiatric and psychological treatments frequently inhibit the cultivation of wholeness, Self-healing, and depth of the healer.

Western culture and the education and practice setting for the health care provider frequently inhibit authenticity, emotional capacity, the ability to be present and in one’s sense, and one’s imaginative capacity.

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